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We make your influencer marketing return more
Our Service .


Reduces adspend by 90%


Provides 70% more actionable analytics


Increases ROI by 90%


Spends up your Influencers search by 100%

We have the best machine-learning engineers in the industry working their brains to offer you the internet's most effective, most comprehensive, and highest-returning micro-influencer search.

$ 1000000
Work hours
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What Metrim Offers

Use the marvel of modern statistical & deep machine-learning to lower adspend, increase ROI, and find the ideal micro-influencers for your customer segment.

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Semantic Search

We offer influencer search over all social medias so that you can find your ideal micro-influencers and still have the freedom of trying multiple platforms

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All Social Medias

We give you free access to all of the influencer's social media accounts. You get to contact the influencer directly. No middle men, no hassle.

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Direct Influencer Contact

We use our machine-learning magic to forecast the size, span, and likely ROI for the influencer campaign you're prepared to do.

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ROI Prediction

We provide informative and actionable analytics about each influencer's market including topics, customer segments, growth, organic audience size, and more.

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Audience Analytics

We offer recommendations for similar, but lower-cost or higher-return influencers to optimize your marketing campaign.

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Campaign Optimization

Machine Demographics Polling


So Kim Darroch is basically forced out because he said what we have already known...#Trump is a ...

Predicted: Male, White, 30s-50s, Liberal


Successful Saturday morning block walk! Love seeing local RGV residents...

Predicted: Female, Latin American, 20s-30s, Conservative


Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. Believe in yourself and say:...

Predicted: Female, White, 30s-50s, Conservative


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